Maybe you’ve said those famous words: “I’ve always wanted to learn to bake bread but…”

And you never took it any further.

But the desire to learn something new, to create with your hands and make tall loaves, perfect braids, or tender quick breads still lingers. Here at The Dough Dabbler, we know that bread and all its nuances can feel almost impossible to learn when you’re starting out.

And one thing is sure: Your first loaves may be more like doorstops than light, airy perfection. But the good news is that each time you try, you’ll get better–and this is a safe place to learn, ask questions, experiment, and break in to the Dabbler world.

Dough Dabblers don’t take things too seriously. We aren’t worried about hydration percentages, super fancy folding techniques, or friction factors.

You can find plenty of other websites for advanced techniques when you’re ready.

For now, feel free to dabble in the most delicious way possible with all things dough related. Ready to get started? Try our favorite Copycat Little Caesar’s Italian Cheese Bread or dig in to how-to’s with our details on using honey instead of sugar in your loaves.

You are truly welcome here.

Contact our team with any direct questions at or just leave a comment on a recipe and we’ll get back to you.